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Our Mission: We supply distinctly personalised Investment advice, optimised retirement portfolio supervision, online tax return lodgements, integrated and co-coordinated with clients’ Estate Plans based on maximum cost control and secure growth with controlled risk. We guarantee savings on Investment expenses and/or taxation. We design safe investment portfolios that families can depend on for maximum sustainable lifelong income, absolute minimum expense and stable, secure growth.

How we Do it –

We review each potential Client’s Tax return online forms for the last year or two, looking for missed opportunities for tax savings. And we forecast each potential Client’s Estate Settlement costs, including the taxation of wealth transfer. Then we compare each potential Client’s current positioning to our generic, theoretical, typical Client in terms of cost, risk exposure, performance, and taxation over the exact same time-frame.

Each person who expresses an interest in our service can then decide, based upon the truths that affect them, rather than upon personalities, innuendo, corporate sales pitches and advertising.

When someone becomes our Client they receive our undivided attention during four or five hour-long meetings. Our Clients teach us exactly what their needs, goals, wishes and preferences are while we school them about investments and retirement money management. We explore this complex arena in a simple, homespun, easy-to-understand way.

When we know enough details, we make general recommendations and finally, we ask the questions that will direct us to specific applications: unique strategies that encompass a personal portfolio designed to achieve this Client’s needs and goals.

We administer each portfolio with the Client’s specifications as our only goal and apply the same sort of attention and exhaustive research to our ongoing management. We meet with each Client every 6 months to update our relationship and adjust their allocations to changing needs and fluid markets.

What we do not do –

We do not hound clients to trade and generate commissions for us. We do not take commissions. We charge a flat-rate fee for our preliminary Strategy Development service and negotiated fees for ongoing portfolio management. Our fees are determined by the volume of assets we manage, so when the Client makes more money, so do we, and if the Client’s account declines, we get paid less. The rate we charge depends upon the complexity of management the Client requires and the amount of assets.

Each potential Client receives a thorough analysis of their Investments and Savings. We investigate by using the most exhaustive research techniques to pinpoint the precise cost of ownership for each account and strategy. Statements seldom, if ever, disclose the true cost of investments. We compare all investments and savings to the static average of economic markets and finally determine how the whole portfolio compares to average performance and the cost of ownership of average performance.

We do not Sell Investments based on some mother company’s product design, nor do we appraise Clients’ based on company policy or corporate culture. We are completely Independent and totally Objective.

We do not avoid our Clients when the Market goes down, nor are we invisible after the product is sold. We invite our Clients to revisit our Seminars, we communicate through regular newsletters and see them personally twice each year.

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